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Duck Rice

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Preparation time
7 mins
Cooking time
50 mins
Serves 10


  1. In a pan, cook the duck, the ham, and chorizo and the pigs ear. When the meats are well cooked, remove them from the broth. Strain the broth and remove excess fat.

  2. Bring the broth to the heat, rectify the salt and spice with pepper.

  3. When the broth comes to a boil, pour the rice (the broth must be 2 times higher than the rice) and the lemon juice.

  4. Let the rice open a little, and pour into a clay bowl.

  5. Put the rice in the hot oven, and when it is almost cooked, spread the duck with butter and bury it in the rice. Let the rice finish cooking.

  6. Remove the duck from the oven and cut the meat into pieces and the chorizo into slices.

  7. Mix the meat with the rice and serve with lemon slices.