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Portuguese Feijoada (Tripas)

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Preparation time
10 mins
Cooking time
1h 45 mins
Serves 4


  1. The day before: soak the beans in water and rub the tripas very well with coarse salt and a lemon. Go under water and repeat this process a few more times. Then leave it in a bowl with salt and lemon juice, vinegar and orange until the next day.

  2. In a pan with oliver oil, brown the chopped onion and garlic cloves. Drizzle with water and bring to a boil.

  3. Add the veal, the tripas and the chicken breast in small pieces, the blood chorizo and meat chorizo the slices and the bacon in strips. Stir everything.

  4. Add the carrot cut into moons, the beans and the red pepper in strips.

  5. Season with salt, pepper and a tablespoon of tomato pulp.

  6. Stir, cover the pan and let it cook for 1h 45 min.

  7. Serve with white rice and a good red wine.
    Suggestion: you can use other types of meat, pork ears, streaky, etc.

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